Sunday, November 14, 2004

Global Diabetes Walk 2004: We Walked Together!

We walked in 485 sites total globally!The numbers of participants internationally were 9,486 according to the Walk statistics. Among them, 769 walkers gathered in Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece, at 12 pm on Sunday November 14, 2004 to walk for the World Diabetes Day that's been celebrated today all over the world. The Global Diabetes Walk initiative, organized by Novo Nordisk A/S and the World Diabetes Foundation in association with the local Diabetes organizations, lasted for 30 minutes, ending at the entrance of Acropolis of Athens. The aim of the event was to spread out the message to everyone that, by walking 30 mins per day, you can prevent serious complications in your health that stem from the modern way of living, thus leading to a better quality of life, especially to people who have diabetes! The latest updates of every country's event can be found at Posted by Hello!

Here's some interesting news for the bloggers worldwide:
Did you know that there are actually 10,2 million people around the globe who blog regularly? In addition could you imagine that members of this widespread community are well known personalities such as G.W. Bush, Barbra Streisand, John Kerry, Dominic Stross-Kan, Melanie Griffith and even the former Vice President of Iran? Well, think about the advantage of expressing someone's opinion when publicly is prohibited, such as the case is with people leaving in countries under conflict or in challenging political or social conditions... So keep on blogging!