Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Moroccan night out in Athens!

When an editorial about a new all day spot called "Morosko" caught my attention, I couldn't imagine of the great night out I would seldom experience at the premices. Situated in the heart of the marketplace in downtown Athens, Morosko unravelled the atmosphere of the "Thousand & one nights" at the fairytales of Halimah. Decorated as the patio of a mansion in Nothern Africa, the colours that prevailed were deep red, brown and gold, creating a cozy stylish atmosphere. We sat at the comfortable leather lounges and began to drift in the rhythm of the music playing from the decks. The crowd was varying from the 20something to 40+ and as time passed, the place began to fill up with people. Past midnight a group of oriental dancers showed up, making us stare and wait for more to come. Then the dj took charge, making us step into the carpets and dance till the morning with international dance and oriental songs alike. Some of us even climbed into the couch, dancing at a crazy beat (and jumping like school age kids is not common when you're in your 30's, but what the heck!) The drinks were original and the service was discreet and kind from the waiters. We finally left Morosko at 5 am, all happy and with the desire to go back for more oriental clubbing soon! How about you?