Sunday, May 22, 2005

Greece's My Number One is the winner of the European Song Contest of 2005!

The Eurovision Song Contest has just ended broadcasting live from Kiev the capital of Ucraine! The winner is Helena Paparizou singing the song "My number one" representing Greece, winning with an unmatched victory of 230 points and 48 points difference from the second country! Wow, you can't imagine our pride and joy for our country's victory for the first time ever in the Eurovision contest throughout the 31 yrs of Greece's participation!

Thanks the Greeks all over the globe who voted for Helena, thank you all the people who liked the song and casted their vote to GREECE, thanx for the unique moments we are now living!!!

See you all in one year's time from now in the capital of Greece, Athens and until then don't forget who's Number One in Europe for 2005's Eurovision Song Contest! Well done Helena! (the winner's bio and more) (information about the Eurovision song contest)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This one goes for the 30+ graduates of Xanthos' High School in Athens!

I received an invitation the other day from a friend of mine who's still in the third grade of junior high, notifying me of the closing ceremony that will be held today in the evening, at the premices of my old high school in my suburb in Athens. Her class is performing Shakespeare's "Midnight Summer Dream" and Catherine (or Micro-T) wanted me to come and watch the play she's in. So, 16 yrs after my graduation I'll be back tonight for the fiesta! In my times, we used to perform in front of the audience, acts of gymnastics, popular dances choreographed, singing in choir or playing instruments and then showing to our proud parents and family what we hand crafted in the arts class, throughout the school year. Don't get me wrong, but these were exciting times for me. Having spent quite some time rehearsing the presentations, having made the costumes, choosing what artcraft to present at the exhibition, are things that I remember with nostalgia. The ugly concequences were that shortly afterwards, we needed to study even harded in order to pass the grades' exams at the end of each school year and it was stressful as hell, studying night and day over and over again!

Last night I called up a couple of old fellow students in high school, to let them know of what's going to happen tonight. If we could go together it would be much fun, but if not, I will tell them all about the grumpy old high school professors of ours! Calling them by nick names when they weren't around was a common practice and laughing at their traits, was the talk of the breaks! Our school master had decided to run a girls' school only so, we followed that practice until the end of junior high. At high school the first boys came along, but to me they seemed like endengered species at the time... The poor guys where outnumbered by us girls, especially in my high school years!

I need to mention that I was quite shy as an adolescent and my heart pumped hard everytime I was exposed to public then, but feeling akward was I guess part of been a teenager!
Ever since the repertoire has expanded at the closing ceremony in the high school. I've heard that the pupils have also played ancient Greek tragedy and they have performed in student competitions. This has even been published on line at I am looking forward to see how's gonna be tonight and I will tell you again soon!