Sunday, May 22, 2005

Greece's My Number One is the winner of the European Song Contest of 2005!

The Eurovision Song Contest has just ended broadcasting live from Kiev the capital of Ucraine! The winner is Helena Paparizou singing the song "My number one" representing Greece, winning with an unmatched victory of 230 points and 48 points difference from the second country! Wow, you can't imagine our pride and joy for our country's victory for the first time ever in the Eurovision contest throughout the 31 yrs of Greece's participation!

Thanks the Greeks all over the globe who voted for Helena, thank you all the people who liked the song and casted their vote to GREECE, thanx for the unique moments we are now living!!!

See you all in one year's time from now in the capital of Greece, Athens and until then don't forget who's Number One in Europe for 2005's Eurovision Song Contest! Well done Helena! (the winner's bio and more) (information about the Eurovision song contest)

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lonely_chessplayer said...

Sorry αλλά είναι μια νίκη στο πανηγυράκι της κακιάς ώρας...
Εδώ πραγματικά με εξέπληξες!