Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Pluses and minuses!

Hi! I haven't been much of a poster nowadays but today I felt like dropping my thoughts on the line. I have just returned from a quite interesting 4 days getaway in the beautiful island of Lesvos in Northeastern Aegean Sea and my mind is pretty much filled up with the images I have depicted from sightseeing the beauties of the 3rd largest island in Greece, (Crete and Evia are the first ones). Greece doesn't stop to amaze me in each and every new place I visit.

I left Athens with one thought in mind though. My holiday plans for August are propably screwed up for the moment, since the partnership with a couple of friends tends to fall off... Shit! Being 30 something and single is always a challenge for the holiday planning, don't you agree?
I have to talk with them to find out why they ended up changing their mind and I hope it will be for the better.

My latest article at Escape Artist.com has been released on June 16. It's about traveling to Northwestern Greece in the territory of Macedonia. I was glad to see earlier today that it was posted to the webpage. Care to travel there or to read it? You may find it at:
http://www.escapeartist.com/efam/71/Travels_To_Greece.html Hope you find it interesting!

I am also revising my poetry so far, for a friend of mine wants to forward it to a knowledgeable person to evaluate my piece of writing. I will submit them tomorrow and I hope to hear from them when the time's right! Wish me luck!

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lonely_chessplayer said...

Έλα Παναγία μου... Δικό σου ήταν το άρθρο;