Sunday, July 10, 2005


A dear friend of mine who lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi sent me a note about the way he is preparing to face the rage of Dennis, when the hurricane will pass through his hometown: Besides the personal contact, I found his writing a quite interesting account of what is going to happen in the Gulf area. Here's the note:

..."I don't guess you have been following the story, but Hurricane Dennis is on his way and he is a "doozy". Will hit the coast with probable winds of over 145miles per hour!We are likely to be without electrical power for several days. I hope not, butsuch hope is a faint one.I am in the process, as soon as I get off the computer of installing "hurricaneties" on my roof system. This ties the roof rafters to the top plate at the topof the walls to prevent the roof from being torn off of the whole structure. Itlooks like my "handywork" is about to receive the maximum test.The eye of the storm will pass so close to Hattiesburg, that I believe we willreceive the full force of the storm. It is likely we will receive gusts of over100 miles per hour eventhough we are 75 miles inland.So, if you don't hear from me for several days, you won't have to wonderwhy....My power and phone will probably be out."

I definitely hope that everyone who may be affected by Dennis, will make it through at the end.

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