Monday, September 26, 2005

We Are The Champions!

Greece has done it again my friends! In 2004 except for hosting the Olympic Games in Athens, we became European Football Champions in Portugal, in May we won the European song contest Eurovision 2005 with Helena Paparizou performing "My Number One" mesmerising the audiences and on September the 25th, the National Basketball Team became Number One in Euro 2005 Basketball Championship in Belgrade, Serbia after 18 years of its previous victory in the same championship!

Outwinning Germany by 17 points in the finals and winning a breath-taking game against France in the semifinals, Greece has shown that it is a team with talent, tactics and a drive to excel in the game internationally. Note that the present coach Panaghiotis Giannakis, is the first and only person that has won two championships, the one in 1987 as a player of the Greek basketball team and now as the coach of the same team! The anthem of the Team is "The Final Countdown" sang by the rock band of Europe, that was a top hit back in 1986!

Afterall, Greece may be a small country in Europe, but has proven that it is lionhearted once more in terms of athletic achievements!

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