Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hi there! My name is Artemis (like the goddess of hunting in Ancient Greek Mythology) and I am 5 1/2 yrs old mixed griffon. I am the pet of the family ever since I was 2 1/2 months old when my brother brought me home in 2000. My astrological sign is Cancer and I want to be the center of attention in my family. Dad is taking me out to buy the newspaper, mom needs my companionship when she throughs the garbage into the can, my sister kisses and hugs me all the time and takes me along when she goes for a walk and my brother sweettalks to me when I crowl into his bed for cuddling! I have a girlfriend in the neighbourhood that we pee together when we meet and I am interested in a cute dog that sniffs me when we met on the road and comes by the house to court me. I like eating fruits and nuts, drink tea and diet coke, chew chewing gum and take a bite of everything that's on the table. I usually pretend to be a ballerina standing on my two back toes, asking for my treat! I don't like water much and when I take my bath once a week, I try to hide from mom but without much luck up to date. When my sister goes shopping and we go together, I like wearing her accessories and take pride when people say how good they look on me (see me posing at the picture). I am afraid of the boogieman, bicycles and cats and most things bigger than me, but I enjoy running around in the grass and playing with incects and most of all, driving while I sit in the passenger's seat and bark at the other cars at the tolls! My favourite toy is a hasky dog named Ivan, that goes wherever I go in the yard and a teddy bear that suits my fur. I also like sneaking the toys that my brother and sister have and keep them in my bed, when I feel like playing the mother to be. I find humans company most amusing, in comparison to other pets and eavesdrop when my family says the magic words that put me on my feet like "let's go out", "shopping" and "garbage". Most of all I value my naps in between the day when nothing much goes around for a doggie like me, inside the house and when everybody comes back home I am the first to meet and howl to them what happened while they were away for the day.
With doggy regards I leak you all,

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