Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools Day!

I just scrolled down a few of the blogs that follow mine & much to my surprise, almost everybody had put down a comment about this very day! Hm... I wonder why! The weather today doesn't resemble springtime in Athens. It's cold, windy and cloudy out there! Feels much like cocooning to me for the rest of the evening. Thankfully the day was uneventfull at work, even a little bit boring but T.G.I.F and it feels OK to think of the weekend ahead. I, personally will dog-sit my pet Artemis for the coming couple of days, which doesn't sound bad for the time being. If the weather improves, I'll take her for a walk to some nearby parks at my neighbourhood and I'll enjoy of the scenery as much as I can, if we happen to go.
I still have some unresolved issues with myself, in terms with breaking up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. I miss the proximity we shared, but I feel like staying in accordance with my decision about moving on. The lessons I've learned from our interaction are priceless, but when things go wrong, it's better to let go of the relationship. Boy, it hurts, but it's for the better!
Perhaps, I'll indulge myself with some music on the background, even do some dance to let out some compressed energy, but above all I think I will spend weekend in a peaceful mode...aha!

So, keep on pranking till the day's over for it's April Fools Day but don't develop it into a habit...alright; Keep the faith for a better life! Cheers, M.

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