Monday, April 04, 2005

A break from kicking my ass!

My weekend was indeed quiet (sleeping and cocooning most of the time!) Again sentimental thoughts came in and out of my head, but if it hadn't been for my friend David from the States, who called me up last evening, my mood would have been different, I guess. I was thinking of him a lot the past few days and boom! he called me to say "hi" and chit-chat for a while! This phonecall was as if he read my mind lately. Having somebody to feel at ease and talk as you please, feeling good about the communication, is what I have in mind when I think of him as a friend. God bless you David for the initiative!

On Friday I came by Arkoudos' blog and sent him an introductory msg, just to initiate contact and send a friendly "hello" his way. He responded to me and guess what; on Saturday I came by an article on Greek bloggers and Arkoudos was part of the article...! Well done, my fellow blogger, keep on spreading the word about blogging in Greece!

Earlier today, Antigoni from Paramythoupoli blog sent me a responding e-mail. I was looking for a song in Google and among other things, there was her site, with a beautiful romantic song playing on the background. I posted a comment to her page and she got back at me today, saying she will give a try writing music for some of my lyrics. Hola!!! I just feel complemented by her gesture!

Finally the circle of good things coming my way today, has been completed by the proposal of a fellow colleague who suggested to take a trip to the nothern borders of Greece in a couple of months from now by car, in order to go visit the beautiful natural park of Lake Kerkini and the nearby areas of Serres. It sounds like an interesting trip to take, if only we could come up with a couple of more willing friends of ours (especially drivers) in order to share the driving to and forth the village of Agistron where we want to stay. Agistro has the best bysantine hot spas in the area and luckily it also has an informative link to get to know more of the natural beauties there. Check it out at and you'll see another side of ecological travel.

I need to get off my wandering mind in a while. Antigoni, I am in the mood for writing some verses lately, so keep in mind for updates in the "Write Stuff" page of mine.
Have a good day everybody! M.

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