Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Happy B-day to me!!!

Hm, it's one of those days today isnt' it? One of those that nothing seems ordinary and yet everything is as usual. It' s a working day today for me, and I woke up to my parents wishes. Nice of them to come in with a b-day kiss. I returned the nice gesture presenting them with some sweets I had bought the day before as a surprise for them! My bro obviously didn't remember them, but I love him so much to hold any grudge against him! A few friends of mine remembered me also, sending me some cute txt msgs at my mobile. Was I glad to hear from them, especially today. Even Vodafone send me a txt msg providing me with ten free msgs to spare today for my B-day! I hadn't seen that before, thanx guys! Finally my ex-boyfriend sent me a heart-breaking e-card that I read a few minutes ago. Boy, that hurts!

I don't know about you people, but for me my B-day is a rather bizarre day ever since I have recollections about myself. It often falls within the Holly week so, that's an excuse to leave them behind without throwing a party. Nowadays it's not the case, but all I want to do is to think more positively about my future. Over the time I have developed a greater awareness about myself and I see that I have put a lot of strain to me, in order to fullfill or not my self steaming prophecies. My body is undertaking a great deal of pressure and is giving me a very profound signal of not corner it so much! Yeah, tell me about it! So Happy 34 of me, growing to an age where I'm still a young person (with an even younger mentality), but maturing and realizing things about my life (and that's the beauty of growing up, I guess for me). I rode my scooter today to work and I was thinking of what to wish myself for the occassion: The essentials such as letting love grow more inside of me, feel more, live in an earthly manner as a whole mind, body and soul! Let's see if my wishes aren't wishfull thinking but my life stance from now on...

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, may I live well with myself and in accordance of who I really am! Happy Birthday to all Aries who are born on April 12 as well! Cheers, M.


markpapadakis said...

Happy birthay Marilena :)

lonely_chessplayer said...

Κειμενάρα!! Μπράβο σου!! Μεστά νοήματα, που όμως περικλείουν τόσα συναισθήματα.
Ελπίζω φέτος το 2007 να έχω τη δυνατότητα εκείνη την ημέρα να βρίσκομαι μπροστά σε υπολογιστή ώστε να σου γράψω το happy birthday.
Ή ακόμα καλύτερα να βρίσκομαι στην Αθήνα να ευχηθώ από κοντά, αν κάνεις κανα πάρτυ, ή απλά έχεις μια μικρή τουρτίτσα. (Είμαι γλυκατζής βλέπεις...)