Thursday, April 07, 2005

Trying to stay awake but in a good mood!

It's mid-day in Athens, in a rather sunny yet lukewarm afternoon. My bed was so uncomfortably not warm last night, that deprived me from a good night's sleep, but there's a good three hours to go before I leave work today, so I have to stay awake no matter what! Siesta seems like the thing I wanted to do most, only if I were in Mexico rightnow!

For the past couple of days, I've been dealing with the Orthodox Easter plans of getting away. For those who may be surprised from reading about Easter, since the Catholic one took place in March 25, the Greek Orthodox Easter will be on May 1st this year. For the different dates, pls bare in mind the different methods of calculations each church uses for Easter, but now it's not a problem of ours to deal with, anyway! So, back on Monday I was talking to a colleague of mine about travelling to Greek natural points of interest (my previous note was about that issue, as well) and we came up with the common liking about travelling to a couple of places we've been meaning to. Luckily a friend of mine called me up the next day and said she is available also for spending the Easter holidays together and voila! here are the three of us setting up plans for going by car, to the beautiful town of Kastoria, Lakes Prespes and Florina in southwest Greece, nearby the borders of Albania & FYROM for 5 good days! Today we booked the hotel in Kastoria, which is on the lakeshore just outside the city and with the travel guide handy, I'm becoming even more interested in learning more about that part of Greece.

My horizons are expanding socially and culturally speaking and I just hope I will keep that feeling as long as I feel like receiving positivity out of the whole thing. My life doesn't suck after all! ;-D That's why last night before I went to bed, I wrote a small poem about the influence of spring to me (inwards speaking) and it turned out to be cute. When blue or in a challenging situation, the inspiration is more readily available, but life isn't always like that. How about giving thanx for being alive, how about sensing the improtance of each moment that passes day in & day out, how about a thousand other reasons we can come up with for putting a smile to our face... Just think of it for a while!

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